Handicrafts Rich States of India

Handicrafts Rich States of India
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Every state of India has its own cultural heritage. The culture reflects in everything from food to the dressing styles and this is one of the many things that makes India, India. Wouldn’t you agree? Today we are bringing you an article which discusses the states which are handicrafts rich.


“Kuch din toh guzaaro Gujarat mein” had been rightly said by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan in the Gujarat tourism campaign. The state has lot to offer in terms of cuisine and handicrafts. It is home to many forms of handicrafts and Patola Weaving, Aari Embroidery, Pithora Painting and Ajrakh Painting are just a few names among the many that one can explore upon visiting the state.


Madhubani Paintings. You all may have heard of them and you all may have seen them too. It originated in the the state which has given the gift of one of the best dishes, litti choka, has a great variety of handicrafts also. It is surely the most famous one but not the only one. Bihar hosts Khatwa Applique Work, Sujuni Embroidery, Sikki Grass Craft also which are just beautiful and colorful.


God’s own country and is rightly so. Kerala houses many skilled artisans who are engaged in making many different types of handicrafts like Ola (Palmyra Basketry), Paya (Koramat Weaving), Thazha (Screwpine Craft) to name a few.


Jagannath Rath Yatra, which dazzles the world with it magnificence, is surely what is known the most about Odisha. But let us tell you, there is more to the place than meets the eye. The Dongaria Scarf, Patachitra Painting, Sambalpuri weaving, Nuapatna Weaving, Sabai Grass Basketry, Chanditarkashi, Pipli Applique surely attract the tourists visiting the state.


This state is known for its folk dances, cuisines, forts and handicrafts which makes it rich culturally. Among the 40 different forms of handicrafts, it has notable ones which are Bandhej, Kinari Kaam, Banjara Embroidery, Sanganeri Printing and Bagru Printing and Dabu Printing. These works are so beautiful that they have become our day-to-day fashion.

Uttar Pradesh

The cities in the state have hosted many kings of various dynasties and Mathura has also been the home to Lord Krishna. The state has many places of historic importance but the state also boasts of over 30 different types of handicrafts such as Nakashi, Chikankari Embroidery, Tharu Applique, Banarasi Weaving, Saharanpur Woodwork.
Well, every state in India has the art forms which originated there but these are the states with the highest number of handicrafts. We, at Lal10, work towards promoting handicrafts. We hope your next trip (whenever that might be) is colorful and sustainable.