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Kasa Vase- Eco mix


Ellementry  |  
Kasa Vase- Eco mix
Kasa Vase- Eco mix
Kasa Vase- Eco mix

Product Specifications

  • Craft:Upcycled
  • Material:Waste
  • Colour:Brown
  • Height:383.9
  • Diameter:
  • Weight:3.3
  • Washcare:Wipe with cloth and use some dust removal spray

Product Description

Ecomix is an art form using eco-friendly materials like paper glue and flour So this ecomix vase is not just going to enhance your home decor but also provide no harm to nature The ribbed pattern makes an exciting design that makes the vase looks good even without flowers inside You may add dry flowers

Craft Description

Upcyling is the process of transforming waste materials useless or unwanted products into new materials perceived to be of great quality